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Zastova Sanatorium

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The "Sanatorium of Zastova" is an incomplete building in the forest with a wonderful view of the city of Patras. It is located at "Zastova" position (Achaea, Peloponnese), near the village of Elekistra on the slopes of Mount Panachaikos.
The intense disagreements that prevailed in the Patras society about the location of the foundation of the Sanatorium, gave the idea to the Patras industrialist and merchant Vassilios Maragopoulos, to take the initiative on May 13, 1936, of a meeting of all stakeholders of Patras at that time. His thought and proposals were accepted, both among the local entities and by the Ministry of Health, and so in March 1937, the construction of a hospital-building began, which would be intended to function as a sanatorium.
The building was innovative for its time as its load-bearing structure was made of reinforced concrete, and the walls were filled with stone. However, it never functioned as a sanatorium, since its completion was stopped in 1940 due to World War II.

Additional Info

  • Regional Unit: ACHAIA
  • Municipality: PATRAS
  • Site:
  • Location: Patra
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Telephone: (+30)2613600501, 502, 503
  • Facebook: #
  • Ιnstagram: #
  • Twitter: #
  • Lat: 38.2218875
  • Lon: 21.8154781

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