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Panagia Tripiti church

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The Church of Panagia Tripiti is located at the area of the port of Aigio, in the Region Unit of Achaea. Partly carved into a vertical rock, in a landscape of exceptional natural beauty, the temple is dedicated to the Virgin Mary as a “Life-Giving Source” (Zoodochos Pigi).

The name "Tripiti" according to the tradition, is due to the fact that the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary was found in a small cave by a shipwrecked man who was also the first ascetic there. The church was founded around the middle of the 16th century, at the time of the discovery of the icon.

The current form of the church of Panagia Tripiti dates back to the 19th century. The main access to the church is provided by a large marble staircase of renaissance style, built-in 1870 by the engineer Angelos Koryzis. At the entrance of the temple, there is also, the "agiasma" (holy water), which has been integrated into a marble fountain of cruciform shape.

Additional Info

  • Regional Unit: ACHAIA
  • Municipality: AIGIALEIA
  • Site:
  • Location: Egio
  • E-mail: #
  • Telephone: (+30)2691021776, -21777, (+30)2691022323
  • Facebook: #
  • Ιnstagram: #
  • Twitter: #
  • Lat: 38.253477
  • Lon: 22.0778672

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