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Akti Dymaion Patra (old industrial zone EG Ladopoulos, Piraiki Patraiki, Pirelli etc)

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Akti Dymaion is the coastal zone of Patras to Pyrgos that had a glorious past of industrial development. Starting from the Cathedral Church of Saint Andrew we find in order of location the following industrial buildings that were previously active in the area.
"VESO" (Industry of oils, soap, wine and alcohol). The lifespan of the industry was from 1930 to 1985. Today, VESO is a well-known multifunctional space (with cafes, cinema, shops), in Patras.
The building of the former paper industry of "Ladopoulos" (1932-1991). The Ladopoulos paper industry was a milestone of factory line in Akti Dymaion.
The former timber industry "AVEX", that after ninety years of operation officially closed in 2012.
The "Old Municipal Slaughterhouses" which ceased to operate in 1998.
The "Piraiki - Patraiki", a textile industry that was the trademark of the industrial life in Patras. The year 1996 was the last to operate.
Finally, the Distillery "V.G. Spiliopoulos" the only existing industrial landmark in Akti Dymaion and one of the longest-lived in Greece.

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